Version 1.10

Minor update

  1. Updated graphics (vector) for better screen scaling
  2. More consistent UI throughout and updated colour scheme
  3. Added option to specify number of decimal places bpm is reported to (0-3)
  4. Few minor bug fixes

Version 1.01

Minor update

  1. Confirmation (second press) required before app exits when back button is pressed
  2. Minor changes to wording

Version 1.00

Full Release

  1. Improved accuracy (first tap no longer counted)
  2. Rapid reset
    1. Long press “tap button” to reset
    2. Only when counting enabled (ie. not once count/seconds completed)
  3. Android 4.3 Compatibility
  4. Display beats to one decimal place (<10bpm)
    1. Only in audio mode
  5. Bug fixes
    1. No longer crashes when version number pressed

Version 0.99b

Initial Release

  1. First version of app