Version 1.31

  1. New additions
    • Suture size conversion
  2. Bug fixes
    • Correct issue in dose calculator

Version 1.30

  1. New additions
    • New species added to calculator (alpaca, cattle, chicken, goat, horse, pig, sheep)
    • New pre-entered drugs added (100+)
    • Users can now add/delete drugs
  2. Other changes
    • Ability for dose calculator to use pre-defined drugs for values
    • Horse option added to emergency calculator
    • Acid-base calculator algorithm improved
      • Calculator now takes user defined values (see preferences) and is species specific
    • Bicarbonate calculator now uses species specific bicarbonate value (see preferences)
    • Basic and comprehensive fluid calculator provide more accurate outputs
    • Body surfaces areas are now fully referenced
  3. Bug fixes
    • Correct issue where non ‘.’ decimal places are where not correctly handled since iOS 11 update causing number to be incorrectly calculated/not counted
    • Corrected issue in drop counter where initial value was incorrect
    • Corrected some values in electrocardiography calculator that were not being properly localised
    • Preference for defibrillator now has text the corrected
    • Number of grammatical corrections

Version 1.20

  1. New calculators
    • Mean arterial pressure
    • Giving set drip counter
  2. iOS9 compatibility
  3. Other changes
    • Graphics updated
    • Improved support for higher resolution screens
    • Improved screen orientation support especially on larger screens
    • New icon for fluid section
  4. Bug fixes
    • Fixed crash for ‘beat counter’ in iOS 9
    • Fixed calculations involving not ‘.’ decimal places (better locale support)
    • Fixed ‘A-a gradient’ calculator

Version 1.10

  1. New calculators
    • Heart beat counter
    • Free water deficit
    • Bicarbonate deficit
    • Coma score
  2. Improved sharing options as now shares text making accessible to messages etc.
  3. iOS 7 compatibility & UI updated to match iOS 7
    • Scrolling and icon layout on main screen modified
    • Some icons changed to match iOS7 styling
  4. Other changes
    • ‘Drug’ changed to ‘dose’ in pharmacy section
    • ‘Select’ changed to ‘drug’ in CRI calculator
    • Font size for references decreased
    • New icon for fluid section
  5. Bug fixes
    • Age calculator no longer shows ‘future date’ error in certain instances when a date in the past is chosen
    • Saved results now deselect once pressed
    • Species are capitalised for temp. calculator results

Version 1.00

Initial Release for iOS